Code Enforcement


Marple Township’s Code Enforcement Department takes care of:

  • Issuance of permits, notices, certificates and orders
  • Making of inspections to determine conformance with applicable codes and ordinances,
  • Review of building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, fire and grading permits and make appropriate inspections

Inspects properties for resale for sidewalks, driveway aprons, curbing, handicapped ramps, trash, debris and rental apartments for Use and Occupancy.

Bulk Pick-Up

The Township provides Bulk Pick-up to residents that need to dispose of anything that is not regular household trash (fits in your kitchen trash can). View bulk pick-up regulations (PDF).


A recycle can can be purchased at the Code Enforcement Department, for a fee of $20, during offices hours. Recycling is every Wednesday.

Effective immediately recycling will not be picked-up in any plastic bags! Recycling must be placed at the curb in a blue recycling can. Plastic bags can be placed in your trash or recycled at your local supermarket.

Parked Cars During Snow Emergencies

Please be advised, in the event a snow emergency is declared, it is prohibited to park a motor vehicle or to allow a motor vehicle to remain parked on any street/highway designated a snow emergency route.


A permit is required for most construction work that you may be doing on your home. For information on permit fees, view the Permit Fees Schedule (PDF).